What is Pigs from the Sea?

This site profiles the projects, travels, life and thoughts of Shari Y. Tamashiro.

Live Yuimaaru

In 1948, the Hawaii Okinawan community banded together to help the people of Okinawa after the devastation of WWII. They raised over $50,000 (today, that would be about half a million) and sent over 550 pigs from Omaha, Nebraska (via Porttland, Oregon) on the USS John Owen. Seven men were sent to keep the pigs alive. One month later, the pigs arrived in Okinawa. The pigs were distributed across the islands. Okinawans today still talk of the pigs that came across the sea and how much this life saving gift of aloha changed their lives.

This story is about yuimaaru. Communities supporting one another, especially in times of need. It is a reminder for all of us to live yuimaaru, in both small and big endeavors and decisions. It is also the inspiration for this site. Also coming soon, a children’s book entitled, “Pigs from the Sea”!